The Unseen Force

Everywhere you look, something has changed. Our homes are different now. It’s either every member is complete or a member or two––or more––are missing, never to be seen again for Sunday brunch or any special occasion, because the virus has ruthlessly claimed their lives. 

Chapter 1

The human heart is a sanctuary in the time of coronavirus.

Relationships and Mental Health
I wanted to give him a goodbye kiss and whisper my love forever
Three weddings & a virus called COVID-19
Celebrate life
A journey of awakening

Chapter 2

Theaters are shuttered, productions stalled, revenues in a slump and stakeholders in "survival mode". 

Culture & Entertainment
Finding our North Star in Gameboys
When life brings you down, stand up!
Theater in the time of COVID-19
Playing On
A sudden intermission

Chapter 3

Our lives will never be the same, there is no going back even as the pandemic goes away. COVID-19 has made sure that the changes that were slowly happening around the world became the new normal — and it’s not all bad.

Shopping and Lifestyle

Chapter 4

COVID-19 has made bakers and cooks out of our neighbors, young and old. During the first few days of the ECQ, Facebook pages and chat groups were organized, and neighborhoods became a marketplace to sell and buy food made in home kitchens.


Chapter 5

As work and businesses grapple with the economic fallout from the pandemic, it will be interesting to see how they adapt and evolve to not only survive, but hopefully thrive in the new reality.

Work and Business

Chapter 6

As the country wages war against the silent enemy, technology and innovations form part of its armament.


Chapter 7

What is clear after four months since the world went on a hard lockdown is that science will help solve the problem, and scientists will guide us as we come out of it — not politics or politicians.

Science and Medicine
I am human and I feel pain
UP OCTA-Research Team: Tracing COVID’s curves
Far from over
We need rules, but we also need common sense
Plan B — Surviving the COVID-19 pandemic without a vaccine

Chapter 8

The onslaught of the coronavirus disease 2019 early this year has disrupted all sectors of society, including education. The pandemic spawned many a new normal — including “inside” the classroom.


Chapter 9

In an industry that relied on government departments and businesses being open, and interviewing people face-to-face pre-COVID, covering the news during the pandemic forced news organizations to adapt quickly — or die.

News & Media
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